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Educating. Guiding. Inspiring.

Music helps children boost their abstract reasoning skills, improves memory and leads to improvements in IQ. Every aspect of music promotes better learning, leads to creative expression and a connection with fellow students that some might not otherwise achieve.

If you’re a parent considering registering your child for a CBAM music class, here’s some crucial information you might need in making this decision.  Learn about how the CBAM community works together, and with each school, to bring expert extracurricular music education to students -- from school boards to teachers to parents like you!

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How We Work: Service
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We gratefully acknowledge the support of school boards, our first line of support. Since 1922, school boards have provided us with invaluable assistance in receiving teaching permits, allowing us to teach extra-curricularly, and providing their overview for each and every lesson. They provide the classroom space for our vibrant lessons to take place. Together, we work to bring the CBAM dream to life: providing affordable piano lessons to elementary students across the country.

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